1. What are your vaccination requirements?

Your dog must have up to date vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required upon check in so please ensure that you bring your dog’s Pet Passport with you on your first visit.

2Can I check up on my dog or cat during the day?

Yes, You check on your furry baby out on Facebook or you can ask us to email or call you during the day to update you on your dog activities and experience. 

3What happens if my dog or cat becomes sick or injured?

While all care is taken to ensure dogs are safe and healthy during their stay with us, we are also well-prepared for unexpected accidents or illness.  We have our Vet on call and our staff are trained to administer pet first aid when require. If an incident occurs, we will contact you and if necessary will take your dog to our veterinary practice.  

4. Can we see the facility before booking our dog or cat in?

Absolutely, we welcome anyone who feels it is necessary to come and see where their dog(s) are going to be staying while they are away and meet the staff that are going to be caring for them. We do require an appointment to be made, please call in advance and ask about appointment times. 

5Can I bring my own dog or cat food?

Yes, you are more than welcome to. However we do offer a range of 24+ brands of food. If you would like for us to use our food, call in advance and ask what ranges we have. 

6. Can you give my dog or cat their medicine?

Yes, our experienced senior staff are trained to medicate animals in our care.  This includes insulin injections.

7. Will my Dog get enough exercise in your facility?

We find that because the dogs are actively playing with their friends all day they get plenty of exercise alot more than they normally get at home!

8. What time is check in and check out times?

Our dayacre and hotel both run from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.