Our Pet Daycare and Hotel facilities are open between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm seven days a week.

We are closed on Christmas Day 25th December and New Years Day 1st January. Every other day we are open and running. 

Pet Hotel guests who will be staying over on the days we are closed, need to be dropped off the day before and picked up the day after (unless booked in for a longer period) - i.e. drop off on 24th December and pick up on 26th December (Pet Hotel stay for 2 nights) / drop off on 31st December and pick up on 2nd January (Pet Hotel stay for 2 nights).

High Season for the Pet Hotel relates to:

  • school holidays (this starts on the Friday night of the end-of-term and runs through the holiday period to include the Sunday night prior to the start of the new term)
  • public holidays including long weekends (i.e. where it is a long weekend, this starts on a Friday night and runs through to include the night of the public holiday after the weekend)

Doggie Daycare Fees:

  • Casual Daycare Full Day Rate: $30.00
  • Casual Daycare Half Day Rate: $20.00 (A Half Day is for up to a maximum of 5 hours and can be for either a morning or an afternoon).

Pet Hotel Fees - Dogs:

  • Tiny Dog: $30.00 per night
  • Tiny Dog High Season: $33.00 per night
  • Small Dog: $33.00 per night
  • Small Dog High Season: $35.00 per night
  • Medium Dog: $35.00 per night
  • Medium Dog High Season: $38.00 per night
  • Big Dog: $38.00 per night
  • Big Dog High Season: $42.00 per night
  • Large Dog: $45.00 per night
  • Large Dog High Season: $48.00 per night
  • Un-Neutered Dog: $85.00 per night AT ALL TIMES
  • Shampoo service including blow-dry: $45.00

Please note: If you pick your dog up after 4:00 pm after a stay in the Pet Hotel then a Daycare fee of $30.00 will be charged in addition to the previous night's fee.

Pet Hotel Fees - Cats:

  • Cat (desexed): $20.00 per night
  • Cat (desexed) High Season: $25.00 per night
  • Cat (non-desexed): $25.00 per night
  • Cat (non-desexed) High Season: $30.00 per night

Pet Hotel Fees - Other:

  • Rabbit: $10.00 per night

Facility Tours

Please understand that facility tours are disruptive and stressful to the dogs in our care. Our top priority is taking care of our guests through excellent supervision and maintaining a sanitary facility. As a result, we offer tours by appointment only and on weekends.