Rescue Facility


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At Pixies we rescue and rehabilitate dogs New Zealand-wide, to give them a second chance for a happy home. Have a look at a few of our Rescues and how much love they have to give!

Most of the dogs staying with us get to interact and play with other dogs, human adults and kids on a daily basis so they are well socialised and used to living in a family situation. But like most rescue dogs they can usually use a bit of training, which we'll be happy to advise you about.

Charmaine Wolmarans founded Pixies Animal Rescue in memory of her daughter Merzanne, who was killed while cycling aged 18. It was Merzanne’s dream to start an animal rescue and Charmaine has dedicated her life to fulfilling that dream.

Pixies will never turn an animal in need away, often taking in those that have suffered the most extreme abuse and neglect and would have no chance of survival and a better life without our team.

Charmaine is supported by her husband Dirk and an amazing team of dedicated workers and volunteers who have become like family. As a supporter we consider you to be an essential and loved member of the Pixies family too.