Doggie DayCare 

Pixie's offer a casual day stay service for your dog. We will ensure your pet has a day full of activity and personal contact, allowing you to relax in the knowledge you have left him or her in the best care possible. 

Dog Hotel 

At Pixie's we allow the pets in our care the freedom to explore as much or as little as they want to. Our safe fully fenced property allows them them to behave similarly to how they do at home but with their own space to rest and have a little quiet time.

Dog Trainer

We can help with the training of your dog, our team of experienced staff are well positioned to assist with all training needs from puppy training to correcting established behavioural problems. Contact us for further information 


We know how important diet is to the welfare of your dog. All of the pets in our care are provided with all of their daily nutritional requirements in the form of fresh food sourced locally.


We now offer a cattery facility to. We look after your fury friends who are alot smaller than our doggies! We look after alot of small critters, including Cats, Bunnies, Birds, even Fish if needed!